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Striking Icons is on Hiatus until further notice.


Striking_Icons is my icon/graphics journal. I made this so i can seperate my personal journal from my online graphics. I hope you like everything! If for some reason you need to contact me my screen name is Starrydreamz3@aol.com. I'm usually online, but please, only IM in emergency cases.







1. CREDIT IS NECESSARY!!!! I've been getting VERY irritated at people taking my graphics and not mentioning my name or claiming it as their own. I take a long time to make all these so please show your appreciation.

2.Commenting is always nice. I'd like to keep track of the people who regularly take my icons, because I sometimes give rewards to my favorite "customers".

3.Share! These icons are for everone. So they all have the right to use it. So unless I tell you that the icon belongs solely to you, than you must play nice and share.


What do you use to make graphics?
-I use Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready. You can get a free trial at adobe.com.

Can I request a graphic?
-Sure! I love requests, but make sure you're clear with what you want. Remember icons don't take as long as friends only banners. If you'd like an icon, comment here

How do I credit you?
- If it's an icon, put eigther striking_icons or xksoftballgrlxk in the key words. As for friends only banners and headers, a mention in the user info will do just fine!

How come I can't post to this community?
- This is a closed posting community. It's really just like my own journal, only I didn't feel like making a completely new journal. So I will be the only one you see posting in this community. But please friend and join this community. It lets me know that people look at and enjoy my work.


As most of you know, I'm obsessed with icon making contests. Currently I've only entered one, but hopefully I'll win more of the communities I just joined. To see which awards I've one, click here.