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I'm releasing my Punk Side...

1 Atreyu Friends Only Banner
2 Thursday Icons
1 Yellow Card Friends Only Banner
3 Taking Back Sunday Icons

Of course, I can cutomize any of these. I'm no good with text, but if you have like a favorite song of one of these that you'd like as lyrics, than I can add them.

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i'll put it on my list of celebrities to make graphics of.
i effing love atreyu <33 nd i love your graphics, soo pretty.. ♥
such beautiful graphics
and such coooool bands!
ur graphics are amazing
hi, on the middle taking back sunday icon, can you please write "go on just say it, you need me like a bad habit" in...well, any font that you think will work best, and if you can add one of those scribbled hearts in animated on the bottom right corner? that would be amazing. i will credit (obviously). thanks so much, they all look amazing!
Sry it took so long...I've been busy. I hope you like it. Unfortunately my animation isn't working right now, so this is all i could do.

NVM...I forgot that my animation shop was working. Color me blonde!

sorry, delayed reply. saving it, will use later :) thanks
Taking the YellowCard friends only banner.

I <3 the,, they're awesome

those are awesome, could you make some blink-182 banners and icons?
Taking back sunday :o] Could you make the second TBS icon say something like "I'm a wishful thinker with the worst intentions" ? haha they're awesome

Thank you & i love the other ones too ♥